: Artistic Director of Aktion Kolectiva / Acción Colectiva.

Dancer, choreographer, teacher, researcher. B.A. in dance.
Dance training at the Place, London and in Germany, New York and Caracas.


Dancer with Reinhild Hoffman and Gerhard Bohner in Germany, Lloyd Newson (DV8) in England, Poppo Shiraishi (Butoh) in New York. Founder member of Danzahoy and CLADA (Latin American Dance Centre) and founder director of Accion Colectiva; dance/physical theatre group and research laboratory, in Caracas, Venezuela. Teacher of choreography and an analyst of modern and post modern dance teaching methods, at the IUDANZA (University Institute of Dance in  Caracas). Author of the book “Cuerpo Como Territorio de La Rebeldía ” (Iudanza, 2006), writer with magazine “Movimiento: Danza Escénica” in Caracas. She has extensive performing, directing and teaching experience in Europe, Latin America, United States and Asia.
For her work with Aktion Kolectiva / Acción Colectiva, Barnsley has received several important dance awards in Venezuela: The Premio Critven (Critics association. of Venezuela): The Premio Nacional, Casa del Artista; (National dance Award, Casa del Artista): 4 times winner of the Premio Municipal de Danza, (Municipal Dance Award), the most recent being The Municipal Dance Award 2007, for best choreography, Shakti en Ascensión ó Rainbow  Revisited.


She has also been invited onto the Committee of Experts at the Monaco World Dance Awards as spokeswoman for  Venezuela.

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