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Pioneers of dance, performance, physical theatre and video dance in Caracas, Venezuela. Between 1985 and 2004, under the direction of Julie Barnsley, some of the events in which Acción Colectiva participated include:

  • Several editions of the, Congreso Latinoamericano de Danza, Encuentro Internacional de Creadores, Festival Internacional de Teatro de Caracas, Venezuela.
  • I Festival Internacional de Danza ,Cuba.
  • The Haus der kulturen der welt, Berlín, the Mousonturm, Frankfurt, the Kampnagelfabrik, Hamburgo, and the Brotfabrik, Bonn, Germany.
  • II y III Gran Festival Internacional, México City, IFestival de Arte Contemporáneo, León, IX Festival de Danza, San Luís, Potosí, Mexico.
  • Several seasons at La Mama E.T.C. in New York, U.S.A.
  • II Festival de Nueva Danza, Barranquilla,Colombia.
  • III Festival Independiente de Danza, Santiago de Chile.
  • 1 International meeting of the Art of Movement in Solo, Java. Indonesia.
  • The company has also intervened in several art exhibitions in La Galeria Nacional de Arte, El Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Caracas and El Museo de Bellas Artes in Caracas, Venezuela.
  • The audiovisual productions of the company have been seen in La Casa Encendida in Madrid, Spain, IX Dance screen Mónaco, Il Coreógrafo Elettrónico,Nápoli,Italia and La Cinemateca Nacional in Caracas.

Between 2004 and 2006 the Acción Colectiva laboratory temporarily closes and the artistic director Julie Barnsley undertakes theoretical investigations which result in the publication of her book El Cuerpo Como Territorio de la Rebeldía, (The Body as a Field of Rebellion) Iudanza,  2006). In 2006 Barnsley reinitiates the practical laboratory, renaming the project Aktion Kolectiva.

Acción Colectiva / Aktion Kolectiva is winner in Venezuela of: the Premio Critven (Critic’s associations Award ): El premio Nacional, Casa del Artista; and 4 times winner of the Premio Municipal de Danza, the most recent being the Premio Municipal de Danza, 2007 for the multimedia dance event Shakti en Ascensción o Rainbow Revisited.

CRITICS from the archives:
"Few artistic projects erupted with the ferocity of AC during the decade of the 80s in Venezuela-with minimum or no compliance to the traditional divisions of dance and theatre - Investigations rooted in the pulsations of the body, body as material of the unconscious, source of dark and powerful forces…today as dance/physical theatre productions are common place, almost fashionable, Accion Colectiva maintains,-nationally and internationally,-Its role as a  visionary in this particular territory…an essential reference point in Venezuela.. Teacher, dancer of a profound versatility and an undisputable creator Julie Barnsley is relentless in opening new  paths as an outlet for her creative needs."
José Antonio Blasco. El Mundo. Caracas.Venezuela.

 “The rejection of a castrating conceptualization of the human body imposed  by a Judeo-Christian morality, reclaiming the erotic, using  irony and experimenting with movement to the utmost are the things that stood out in Acción Colectiva’s performance. … The viewer was astounded at times by this surprising choreographic spectacle, by this powerful performance and its extraordinary mastery of body movement, and at other times I laughed out loud due to the sense of humor that is handled tactfully and subtly in a way rarely seen.”
Cesar, D. Martínez. Excelsior, México.

“Accion Colectiva based in Caracas, Venezuela, is a company of enormously likeable performers and good movers…The dance is a kind of of intense commentary on sexuality and sexual roles…sensual y comprometido.”
JenniferDunning. New York Times, U.S.A

“Acción Colectiva, considered to be one of the most outstanding groups in the rhythmical country that is Venezuela, has moved beyond the borders of Latin America in performing at New York’s La Mama Theatre. It has performed at the International Theater Festival in Caracas. It has won the top prizes awarded by the country’s dance critics, who recognize a new kind of leadership in Acción Colectiva – all of which is carried out through tremendous teamwork."
Patricia Cardona. II Gran festival Internacional, Ciudad de México. Mexico

“The ripping apart  and  profound questioning of this corporeal language, that we see here, is a way of assuming our basic responsibility which is to try to decipher our own enigmas and so keep alive the impossible wish to find answers to the chaos and disorder in the world, to the state of impotence in which illness and death of the spirit throw us; in the final analysis, an indefinite search for harmony and unity, for  plenitude and self realization..”
Aponte de Zacklin, Lida. Julie Barnsley: Roses of pain and plenitude Magazine Venezuela  # 6.


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